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Wadi Rum Desert
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What you should bring to Wadi Rum all year round

  • ​Headlamp or flashlight which is useful when walking in the desert at night

  • A pair of hiking shoes or sturdy hiking sandals in summer

  • A hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun cream

  • Power bank to charge your phone (million Pictures!) 

December – March

Winter gear

  • A warm jacket for the nights which can be quite chilly in winter
  • A scarf ( you can also buy it everywhere in Jordan for a few JDs)

  • A pair of gloves

  • A warm trouser 

  • Warm PIJAMA to sleep cozy


Summer Gear

  • Light and loose clothing, preferably made from cotton or silk

Atm & Payment

Payment information

​There is unfortunately no ATM in Wadi Rum Village. Since all payments are requested to be done in cash, we advise you to bring enough cash with you to pay for all your expenses like the camp, activities and any other expenses you might have (little souvenir shopping at the attractions, tips, etc…). The next ATM is in Visitor Center. You can pick up cash on the way to Wadi Rum Village here in Visitor Center. 

Map & GPS

Offline Map of Wadi Rum

Many people like to download an offline map of their vacation destination to their smartphone. While Google maps often is a good choice for many destinations, this is not the case for Wadi Rum because it is lacking detail. We recommend you to use the OsmAnd map instead, which is very detailed compared to Google maps and you can equally use it as offline map on your smartphone. It features the names of many rocks/mountains in Wadi Rum as also many camps, points of interest, tourist attractions, etc. It even allows you to record your itinerary for easy track back just in case you get lost in Wadi Rum. To download the free OsmAnd map click here.


How to come to Wadi Rum

How to come to Wadi Rum by bus

From Amman

You have several options:

  • Option 1: Take a minibus directly to Wadi Rum. These buses only have approximate leaving times and will leave once they are full. So be at the minibus bus station latest around 1 hour before the approximate leaving time. You can only buy the ticket prior to departure from the driver. These buses run daily except on Fridays.
  • Option 2: Take the JETT bus from the JETT bus station to Aqaba at 07:00am. The ticket from Amman to Aqaba cost aprox 8.60 JD. Then go directly to the minibus station in Aqaba (behind the Golden Rose hotel) and get on the minibus which leaves around 12pm. The ticket can only be bought directly from the driver and cost was 3JD. 
  • Option 3: Take a TRUST bus.

From Aqaba

  • Take the minibus at around 12pm from the minibus station (behind the Golden Rose hotel). Be there latest at 11am and buy the ticket directly from the driver (it was 3 JD). The bus leaves when full. There is only this one bus every day except on Fridays.

From Petra

  • Option 1: Several mini buses leave from Wadi Musa approximately every 2 hours. The first one leaves around 06:00-06:30am. There are less buses now…
  • Option 2: There is 1 daily JETT bus which leaves Wadi Musa at 17.00 and goes to Wadi Rum Visitor Center, not to Wadi Rum Village.

How to come to Wadi Rum by Taxi or private transfer

Option 1: We can arrange a private transfer for you from any location in Jordan to Wadi Rum Village where we meet you. The prices are identical to the taxi prices.

Option 2: Take a taxi (indicated prices are per car, maximum 4 passengers)

  • From Amman downtown: the price is around 110 JD
  • From Aqaba downtown: the price is around 30 JD
  • From Aqaba border or ferry port: the price is around 40 JD
  • From Petra/Wadi Musa: the price is around 45 JD

Your arrival at Wadi Rum Village

When you arrive with your own car or by taxi

You will first reach the visitor center. Please park the car or ask the driver to wait for you until you bought your entrance ticket for Wadi Rum (5 JD) or got your Jordan Pass scanned. Please also take your passport with you in case you have to show it. If you have reservation with us: just mention you have reservation with Eid Albloe and Karolina.

When finished drive a further 5 km until you reach Wadi Rum Village. Our meeting point will be in front of the Bazar Store.  When you enter the village, it will be after about 300 meters on your left side.

We will show you where you can park your car for free. 

If you arrive with a taxi or private transfer that we did not arrange: please do not get off the car at another place than the Bazar. Sometimes the driver want to hand tourists to other camp owner in order to own a commission. 

Important note

Sometimes people on the bus or in front of the rest house will approach tourists and ask them their camps name and/or their booking number. Never tell such a person neither of it. These people want to hand tourists over to another camp in order to earn a commission.

If you give this information to them, they will send someone to pick you up, pretending that it is someone from your camp. If you are not aware of this scam and go with this person, you will end up staying at the wrong camp and finally pay twice (the camp you mistakenly stayed at and the camp you actually booked on booking.com or any other booking site).

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